How to Unlock the Hidden Potential of Your Team With a Results Only Work Environment

How to Unlock the Hidden Potential of Your Team With a Results-Only Work Environment™ (ROWE™) from Michael Reynolds

SpinWeb is a digital agency founded in 1996 and became a Results-Only Work Environment (ROWE) in 2008. This has been the single most significant and revolutionary change our agency has ever implemented. ROWE is more than flexible hours, more than telecommuting and more than a “virtual” workforce. It is a mindset shift that has enabled us to be more efficient than ever before, recruit and retain the best talent available, and lead a happy and productive team.

Learn how to balance work/life in a ROWE, how to lead without micro-managing, how to use the right tools and technologies to keep everything running smoothly, and how to embrace a culture where there is no work schedule, no limits on vacation time, and all meetings are optional.

Learning points and takeaways:

  • How to empower your team to do the very best work
  • How to recruit and retain the very best people
  • How to communicate and collaborate in a virtual environment
  • How to set up the right processes for maximizing efficiency