My 3 Words for 2015

Published: January 7, 2015

I'm not a fan of News Year's Resolutions. They seem like the worst possible way to set goals. It's an artificial, high-pressure way to set yourself up to fail.

That's why I love Chris Brogan's "3 words" philosophy. It's a great way to set the right tone for the new year without contrived resolutions that may fizzle out by February 3rd.

I struggled with coming up with my 3 words this year and had some back and forth going on in my head for a while but all the pieces finally fit together this morning with clarity. That's kind of how I roll... I sometimes need to subconsciously process stuff for a while until it hits me.

So, without further ado... my 3 words for 2015 are: BOLD, PERSISTENCE, DECISIONS.

Why these 3? Here's a deeper dive...


I admire boldness. I think most people in life "play it safe" and don't live up to their full potential. I am not convinced that I will ever live up to my full potential but I want to stay focused on trying my best.

It's easy to shy away from boldness. Being bold opens you up to criticism. It leaves you vulnerable. It can offend people. It can be uncomfortable. And what if you fail?

All these thoughts are what typically keep me from being bold. I pick the safe path. I shy away from speaking my mind. I pass on that risky-sounding opportunity.

However, as I look back at my life, most of the great things I've accomplished have been a result of me choosing to be bold. Writing a book sounded really hard and scary (and it was!) but I buckled down and did it. Now I'm generating new business from it. Hiring new team members is always scary but my team is now the best it's ever been. Getting married sounded really scary to me for a while but I pushed through the fear and now I am married to an amazing woman who makes me happier than I've ever been. Putting myself out there to speak at conferences is stressful but it has led to amazing opportunities.

My latest scary project is to start a radio show with Abby Stearns. I've never done this before and I could be really bad at it. But I'm choosing to be bold and trust that I will figure it out.


I'm convinced that persistence is the secret to life, the universe, and everything (or is that 42?). Persistence means digging deep and finishing that half-marathon when you feel like dying at mile 10. Persistence means sticking to the plan in your business when you're tempted to get distracted by the next shiny thing. Persistence means pushing yourself to make 50 more sales calls on Friday when you're feeling burnt out and rejected.

As I look back at my life, I've found that when I've accomplished the most and achieved the best results, persistence has been a major factor.


Making decisions is hard sometimes. It's easier to put off decisions, to delay taking action, to push stuff off.

However, I find that delaying decisions clutters up my brain. It drags me down. It sucks away my energy. After a while, it can be paralyzing to have so many decisions hanging out there that I'm not dealing with.

Being decisive usually leads to better and faster results. It clears our mental energy. And rarely does delaying a decision make it a better one. So my focus this year is to get even better at making decisions as quickly as possible so I can get more done.

When it comes down to it, indecisiveness is usually a reaction to fear ("what if I make the wrong decision?"). But in reality, it doesn't help. Make the decision and move on.

I really love Chris Brogan's approach to setting a tone for the new year and I will be focusing on these three words in 2015. What about you?