My Three Words for Business (and Life) for 2017

Published: February 6, 2017

Every year I do a “3 words” exercise that was introduced to me by Chris Brogan. It’s much better (in my opinion) than making New Year’s resolutions or setting goals that have such an intense “pass/fail” mindset.

By choosing 3 words to focus your energy on, you instead set up a direction for your efforts that has a more fluid feel to it and is more likely to be effective.

I personally LOVE this exercise and it has replaced resolutions for me for many years.

My 3 words for 2016 were: bold, evolution and income. So how did I do? Pretty well, actually. I wanted to be bold in the risks that I took and the projects that I started. I wanted to expand and evolve some business ventures. I wanted to focus more on revenue-producing activities. I am happy to say that I stayed pretty well aligned with these words (which is the whole point and what makes the exercise so effective).

In 2016 I pushed forward some bold evolution in one of my businesses, started another business, launched a new product and pushed some other professional endeavors forward into new markets.

So what does 2017 look like? My three words for this year are: action, refine and balance.

2017 will build on the creative expansion I did in 2016. While 2016 was a year of ideas and creativity, 2017 will be a year of moving progress forward quickly (“action”) and improving/polishing little by little( “refine”). It will also be a year of balancing my business efforts and keeping my energy well-aligned with all these projects, as well as balancing work and family life better.

Can the three words exercise help you grow your business? I think it can. If you choose to go through this exercise, let me know what your words are. Happy 2017 and here's to growth!