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Want to learn more about me before you reach out and start a conversation? You've landed on the right page! Some background: I've been leading a digital agency since 1996. In "internet years" that's a really long time. I've spent that time in the trenches making all sort of mistakes long ago that other marketing professionals (with less experience) are still making today. Because of this, I tend to stay on the bleeding edge of strategies, tactics, and best practices in the digital marketing space.

In addition to my experience, I tend to be a very down-to-earth speaker that engages with the audience well. I speak from real industry knowledge in a practical context. I like to give my audience practical takeaways that they can use right away. Also, my presentations are not boring.

I'm also really easy to work with if you're an event planner. I am responsive, I communicate well, I bring all my own equipment (like adapters, laptop, etc.) and I provide all the info you need right here on my website for use in your programs and website.

Here's the deal: I do charge a fee but I'm worth it. If you're not convinced, read a few testimonials from others. So in short, if you want to book a speaker who will engage your audience, give them tools that truly help their business, and makes your life easier as an event planner, I'm your guy.

And here is my "third person" bio that you can use in marketing material:

Michael Reynolds is President/CEO of SpinWeb. His love of the internet started in 1996 when he founded the company and grew it over time to the modern dynamic digital agency it is today serving enterprise clients throughout the U.S.

Prior to earning degrees in both Cello Performance and MIS from Ball State University, Michael studied the cello with a real live Klingon.

Michael is a sought-after professional speaker on the subject of digital marketing and has presenting for sold-out crowds at prominent events such as HubSpot's INBOUND Conference.

Michael enjoys playing tennis, spending time with his awesome wife and son, playing the cello, using only one space after a period and eating lots of sushi.

Need some high-resolution headshots of me for your conference website or promotional materials? Download them here in a handy zip file:

Michael Reynolds headshots (ZIP file)

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